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1. Can I Get Auto Insurance Without a Down Payment?

It is possible, but it all depends on what state you live in. States offering 'no down payment' auto insurance include Arizona, New York, Washington State, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, and California. California is also the state with the most insurance companies which provide auto insurance without a down payment. Companies that will be able to offer you no down payment auto insurance include Geico, Safe Auto, Kempercheap, AAA and more.

2. Can I Get Auto Insurance Without a License?

Yes, there are certain criteria that allow you to own auto insurance without a license, but these are very limited. They include:

  • If your license has been suspended or revoked.

  • If you are disabled and will not be driving the car yourself.

  • If you simply want to maintain the title to a car that's in your name.

  • If you have a Mexican identification card, it may be used as a substitute for a driver’s license.

  • If you are allowing someone else to drive your vehicle but they are unable to title the vehicle themselves.

  • If you want to maintain legal control over a vehicle until the designated driver meets certain requirements.

3. Can I Get Auto Insurance If I Have Bad Credit?

Bad credit may not affect you as much as a bad driving record, but your credit history may still affect your eligibility for auto insurance coverage. However, even with bad credit, you are still able to get good auto insurance. Although some companies do not offer bad credit auto insurance, many companies do recognize the need to protect you as well as other drivers you share the road with.

4. What Discounts Are Available For College Students?

College students are eligible for 'good student discounts', which are specifically designed to benefit full-time high school or college students who maintain a minimum B average. Students are also statistically less likely to be involved in accidents and therefore eligible for discounts. Other factors that will be considered for a student discount includes your location, type of car you own, your driving record, credit history, and the mileage that you do. Not all companies offer this type of discount, so it would be wise to compare several quotes.

5. What Other Auto Insurance Discounts Are Available?

Many insurance companies offer several different types of discounts all across the country. These types of discounts can either be driver specific, vehicle specific, or policy specific discounts. Similar to student discounts, these types will generally be based on several criteria, such as your driving history, whether or not you belong to certain organizations, your age, occupation, and whether or not you maintain low-mileage on your vehicle. You will also qualify for discounts if you have completed an accredited driving course, or have certain features on your car that improve its safety. There are also several other factors, for example, insuring multiple vehicles with one policy, which will serve to lower your insurance premiums.

6. If I Move To a Different State, Does My Insurance Change?

Because minimum requirements vary by state, your insurance may have to change. Your current insurance company may also not offer insurance in your new state, so you might not have a choice. It would be best to speak to your local insurance company to figure out what changes you need to be making.

Please note that not all insurance companies may be willing to set up an auto insurance policy based on the above-mentioned circumstances, but many companies do. If you would like to get in touch with an insurance company near you for some more information, enter your ZIP code into the form provided.